Mission Vision

With this cardinal aim in view this institution is firmly committed to:

  1.  Provide a congenial atmosphere worthy of smooth communion of thoughts and ideas amongst teachers, students and guardians.
  2.   Follow the natural curriculum of education prescribed by the Text Book Board at all levels.
  3.  Follow network of co-curricular and extra-curricular programs suitable for harmonious development of physical and mental faculties of the students.
  4. Undertake all possible measures to help the students grow up as worthy citizens of the country so that they can serve the country in various fields and give dynamic leadership to the nation.
  5.   To infuse in them a high sense of morality, responsibility, integrity, leadership quality, discipline and patriotism through motivation, counseling, practices and programmed activities.
  6. ·         Provide students with training, exercises, and instructions to develop a standard of communicative skill (oral and written), enhancing confidence and individual ability.
  7. ·         Educate them on manners, attitudes, and social conducts in conformity with their age level and socio-cultural standard.